Let’s mourn our losses and celebrate the little things.

In just three days from now, we will be ushering in a new year. And it’s almost tradition that during this time of the year, there’s a lot of festivities and celebrations occurring. We celebrate employment, we celebrate reaching our body goals, we celebrate the progress we have made in our lives, generally, amongst many other things.

Yet, from the beginning, 2020 showed us, as a people, that it would not be like any other year. Two months into the year, we saw China grapple with the fight against the Corona Virus and right now it seems as though they have won that battle but 10 months into our (South Africa) fight against Covid-19 and three days away from 2021 our Cabinet has decided to put the country on an adjusted Level 3 from Level 1 with immediate effect. As I have said before, if anything this year has taught us is that firstly, we are not in control. We can plan but God has the final say. Secondly, we need to take care of ourselves and loved ones. The time we have together is so precious and we do not realise it until one of us has departed. I think this year we have all in some way or another experienced a personal loss due to Covid-19, we have been faced with challenges we never thought we would face and our humanity has been tested.

Today, I would like to touch on mourning our losses while celebrating the little things before we usher in a new year. I think it is important to mourn our losses of 2020 so that, even though it seems like 2021 will start on a shaky note, we would have accepted, or slowly started accepting, all that has occurred in 2020 and started our healing process. It is then also important to celebrate all the good that has transpired in the year, no matter how small it may seem. For the mere fact that you are still alive and breathing, you have something to be grateful for, something to be thankful for. Life has always been a gift but I think this year has shown us just how much we should not take life for granted and how much we should appreciate it.

I personally, have so much to be grateful for and so much to celebrate. This year has been the hardest [besides the obvious] in terms of personal growth and progression, but it has also been one I will never forget for it came with so many blessings and “congratulations.” I will not go into detail about these things as it would probably lead to this article being longer than intended, but to name my top tier achievements: I got employed for the first time in my life, I published my first book, and lastly, mentally I am in a much better place than I was in this time last year. The most amazing thing about this is that when I turned 23, 2019 November, I declared that all these things would happen to/for me in my year 23. Not only did I declare it but I wrote it down and I found that piece of paper last week. It was such a humbling yet emotional moment for me, actually I do not think I could explain the feeling.

In a nutshell, what I am saying is that, yes 2020 has been HARD and has been quite the year but not all hope is lost. When we send out gratitude, when we are thankful for the small and content with what we have, we open more doors and attract more blessings. I want to encourage you who is reading this to take a moment to think of five things you are grateful for that 2020 has come with, before we close it off. I would also like to thank all my readers, all my followers, all of you who have shown me some sort of support. I really, truly appreciate you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you ❤

Let us stay safe, wash and sanitize our hands, and stay indoors.

Misconceptions About Relationships.

I am a firm believer of reflecting on all relationships one has – from friendships, to relationships with colleagues and more so your intimate relationship with your special somebody. Being in a blossoming relationship with my partner has made me realise all the myths society shares about them so in this article, I will be discussing six misconceptions about relationships that have been known to be vital, which I believe are not.

1.Sharing everything on social media is important.

Honestly, the more you keep your relationship private, the better. I know we live in a time where there is this mentality that ‘if it is not on social media it did not happen or it is not important.’ I strongly disagree with this notion simply because we over share our lives on social media, so I believe that in order to keep the essence of that relationship one must keep it safe. With that said, your relationship must not be a secret, nobody wants to be kept a secret.

2.Relationships should be a fairytale.

Every couple has to face its reality: career, family, and obstacles play a huge role in the dynamic of your relationship. Relationships are not what we see in Disney movies, they take both parties putting in the work and trust me no relationship is perfect but you make it work.

3.Love is enough in relationships.

No. No, no and no. Love is not enough at all, mutual understanding and trust is just as essential. Let’s be honest with each other, for a relationship to flourish, it needs more than that too. It also needs money.

4.Possessiveness and jealousy are normal.

As human beings we make this mistake of thinking that just because I am in a relationship with someone, that we are in love with each other, that we own each other. That person is not your possession, that person belongs to themselves and not to you. By choosing to be in a relationship with them, you are both just allowing each other to be a part of each others lives. Jealousy kills the relationship, to say the least.

5.If you are truly happy with your partner, you should not need to be with anyone else.

This may be true if you are both massively co-dependent but even that is not something I would think to be normal. I believe that for a relationship to be healthy and to grow, both parties need lives outside of their relationship. I think it is important to give your partner space to miss you, for them to be alone, to come home to themselves. Our basic psychological need for friendship and community needs to be fulfilled.

6.Perfect relationships exist.

Lies. There is no such thing as a perfect relationship, on social media we see what they want us to see. We will obviously not see the fights, the hurt and pain that goes into it. Every relationship goes through its ups and downs, lows and highs.

In closing, love is a beautiful thing. One should not allow fear or misconceptions of love to make you miss out on love and pursuing relationships. Life is so much better with someone to share it with.

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A Navigation for Millennials Fabricated by Afrolution.

Afrolution Performing at The Premiere of His E.P.

We all have different ways of making sense of the world around us and our lives and those who know me and are familiar with my work know that I am an avid believer in making or finding your place in the world. When I was granted the opportunity to write an article on Afrolution’s self-titled E.P and as I started unpacking each song on it, it was not hard to gather that in his E.P Afrolution speaks of the essence of life – his version of the current events unfolding.

‘I would like to think of Afrolution as the evolution of afro-centric soul. As the genre of soul music is broad and diverse, my brand of music is also about that. Being colourful, being different, and being able to feature in any genre. Also, as an evolution, I am ever-changing which is why my music cannot be boxed or put into one genre, but wherever I am, I hope to bring in that soulful character.’ These were the words of Ndumiso Dlamini – stage name ‘Afrolution’ – when asked to describe Afrolution.

The self-titled E.P consists of four songs. Each song belongs to four different albums which Afrolution has written – he has written a total of seven albums of songs, with seven songs in each album – the titles of the songs in this E.P are as follows:

  4. CAN I

I have listened to all four songs and I must say, this E.P is a work of art, a balm! An E.P like this, created by a millennial, for millennials, could never have existed in any other era than now.

Queer Pearls is a tribute to the LGBTQ community. It aims to recognise them and acknowledge the violence they endure for being born with a sexual orientation that is often misunderstood and rejected. The song acknowledges the pain and simultaneously seeks to remind the people of the LGBTQ community that they are honourable for living their truth. It tells them they are strong as pearls in light of the violence they experience everyday. In a way, Queer Pearls is a praise song for a community that is conventionally looked down upon. ” – Afrolution.

As you listen to the song, this is not hard to tell. The following lyrics from the song are (for me) the epitome of the message Afrolution wanted to convey.

“This is for all my girls whose hearts are strong like black pearls
Who battle the hate for their nature
And have been erased from the picture
This is for those with double lives
And as a result are born twice”

Being a part of the LGBTQ community automatically makes you a victim of abuse by society, so I would imagine that accepting your sexuality is very hard because wherever you go you are looked at sideways and so Afrolution really depicts that in the line “Who battle the hate for their nature” because you are born that way and it is not something you create or choose to become. It is nature to you. But as you grow older and you meet other people in the same community as you or people that love you for who you are not who you are attracted to, you begin to find joy in who you are. You embrace your queerness and become an unstoppable force and I think that is one of the things Afrolution speaks about when he says, “And as a result you are born twice.”
But listening to this song more and more, I began to feel as though he could be talking not only about the LGBTQ community but also women and just us millennials as a whole. The reason why I say Queer Pearls is for women too is because of the line “This is the one for the one living in homes not safe for being in.” Your body is your first home before your house. As women I do not think we feel safe in our bodies because we are violated, raped, killed, assaulted for being in these bodies. But Queer Pearls reminds us that we are strong just like pearls despite all of the violence we experience every day. The last message that expounded from the song, was taken from the line “building a future while we crying.” Nothing screams ‘black child fighting for their dreams’ like that line. The truth is, being a black child (man or woman) in the twenty first century is damn hard and requires a lot of hard work, resilience and persistence and also comes with a lot of tears. Afrolution managed to include all Black/African people in one song and I commend him for that. We truly are fighting for everything despite the odds being against us.

And then, as if I could not resonate with a song much more, ‘Balance’ comes on and forces me to feel my thoughts and pay more attention to how I really feel sometimes about beliefs, faith, religion. How many of us have lived life according to what we were taught growing up? How many of us are living according to social beliefs and values bestowed upon us during childhood. There is a Zulu Proverb that goes: Ligotshwa lisemanzi which I would directly translate it to the English Proverb: You cannot teach an old dog new tricks. The song ‘Balance’ is not about those Proverbs but it is about how we live by what our parents or society tell us or the ways in which we grow up in. There are certain ideologies/beliefs we know as being right and true because of our parents or those who raised. A typical example would be that if I am raised in a strict Christian home, I am most likely to go to church and believe in God and the Bible. But there comes a time in our lives where we begin to think for ourselves, where we discover our third eye. The following lyrics are from the second track ‘Balance’ which expounds that whole process of living by what you are taught and then discovering what you want to do or live by.

“I was taught that I need a degree
But I discovered that I need my mind to be free
I was taught that I need a degree
Then I learnt that I need my mind to be free.”

Enlightenment. That is what I would like to call freeing your mind. Knowing what is best for you and finding that what other people thought you needed is actually not what you need or good for you. Afrolution puts it better when he speaks about his song:
“Balance refers to the spiritual awakening which moderates a person. It speaks of how there are many systems of thought we are socialised into which enslave our minds. From birth we are socialised to aspire to attain fickle things like tertiary degrees which promise us peace, however, what each one really needs is peace within themselves. Once you come closer and closer to your balance, you begin to see for yourself the bullshit of false teachings that influence you to greedily accumulate finite material things and lose control over your infinite mind. Balance is about discovering your intrinsic value which forces you to not settle for anything less than what you deserve. It takes time to free yourself from the mentality of settling,” – Afrolution.

‘Alone in love.’
“Being in a romantic relationship is about reciprocal giving of yourself,” – Afrolution.
There are many of us, from all walks of life, that can relate to that statement. Love is the one thing that we all want and need to survive. Unfortunately, it is usually not all sunshine-and-roses. People spend most of their lifetime wanting and searching for love in its purest form and I am sure most reading this have found ourselves in predicaments where we say to ourselves ‘this is not what love is meant to feel like’ and most likely it is because the love we are giving at that time is not reciprocated. Therefore we can call that being ‘alone in love.’
Track number three of the Afrolution E.P talks about exactly that. Being alone in love, where your partner is not on the same page as you are romantically. Lyrics such as: “I’m the only one in this relationship” clearly show that it is a one-sided relationship. This song also says no to this type of treatment and Afrolution puts it clearly in the following statement:
“Alone in Love is about saying “No” to a romantic partner who is not fully committed to you as much as you are to them. It is a wake-up call to someone who is in that type of situation that they are being mistreated and deserve more than to be a ‘doormat’ which is something only used for convenience sake,” – Afrolution.

But things end on a good and unicorns-galloping-across-Saturn type of note on the last song titled ‘Can I.’ On this song we hear Afrolution singing about finding love and being in love with someone who reciprocates those emotions.
In this song, I think Afrolution, in the second verse of `Can I,’ defines a person that we all want to be with:

“When I’m looking in the mirror, and I don’t see my flaws,
You affirm me with the words of your affection,
You’re gentle and kind.
For you are the one I long for me.”

The instrumentals of the song are smooth and gentle and I believe really carry the message behind the lyrics, of the love being expressed is nothing but gentle and kind. Something all millennials, actually all people, dream of having. But I believe that no one can explain this song or put what I am trying to say better than Afrolution himself, so this is what he had to say about the song:
“A healthy romantic partner is proven by how they make you feel. They make you smile and that is a reaction that signifies pleasure. They become desirable and you long for their presence because they bring pleasure into your life in ways you never thought were possible. Romance is explorative. You learn new things in romance and, as a result, grow. Finding someone you are willing to take a chance to fall for wholeheartedly is highly desirable to many. It is something worth pursuing and manifesting in each one’s life,” – Afrolution.

Right now I would like to close with this: The E.P takes you on a whole journey, and after listening to it, it almost feels as if you have succeeded in putting everything into perspective. I think if anyone is searching for something to ‘make it make sense’ Afrolution’s E.P will tether you to your reality, experiences, and sense of personhood, to see ourselves and the world we live in, clearly.

Press Pause.

In today’s always-on culture, it often feels like we spend every waking moment in motion – attending meetings, working, juggling family and friends, hitting deadlines – all the while convincing ourselves that we are doing just fine. (Who are we kidding?) I personally can say that I am an avid chaser of my dreams, always moving on to the next thing, always thinking of my next move which is why I FELT the pause that I decided to take this morning.

Okay, the truth is I did not consciously wake up this morning and decide that I would spend an hour and some time on pause. No. What happened is that I woke up and spoke to God, I had not done this thoroughly in a long time. After that, as if He was saying ‘let us not waste anymore time than we already have’ I gradually went into “introspection/re-evaluation/healing mode.” The importance of solitude or pausing is that not only does this allow one to connect with their Maker but also with themselves; this is called solitude. I have spoken on solitude timelessly not only on my blog (Sundays Were Made For Self-Reflecting.) but also in my book ‘Hidden Truths About Your Twenties.’ Consciously taking time out is saying ‘okay, this is my time to fill myself up.’ You cannot pour from an empty cup and you surely cannot give love or know other people if you do not love yourself. This type of pause is the lengthy one – it takes minimum 20 minutes to consciously take time out and to reconnect with yourself so that all of you is in harmony: your mind, body, and soul. Have a time during the week (preferably Sunday) where you go home to yourself so that you never lose touch of who you are and what you are. Press pause. Re-evaluate your life and choose how to move forth. It is important to always start your week with fresh ideas, new energy and a clean mind.

Then there is the shorter version of pressing pause. Set a time during the day for meditation, either in the morning or evening, just for 5 – 10 minutes. Focus on your breathing, think about nothing, you must be in complete silence with no distractions. This also helps with dealing with anxiety or heart palpitations. Telling yourself that you are in complete control of your emotions and thoughts while meditating also allows you to feel like you are. Another thing that is produced by pausing is the acceptance and knowledge of what is happening while simultaneously allowing for the betterment of your life and self-revolution.

The reason why I always stress these type of doings is that I believe that it is so important to have a clean mind and heart for everything you do flows from that and when you are not in control of those two parts of you, you are in danger of allowing any kind of energy to disrupt your peace, to disturb your creativity and progression. So here is what I would like to suggest to you, press pause. Even if it is not every week but maybe every two weeks. You will work better on a clean late and rejuvenated energy than on a burnout. Here’s to a week filled with abundance and good energy all around. May whatever we face this week make us stronger and wiser.

Please do not hesitate to send me an email if you would like a copy of ‘Hidden Truths About Your Twenties.’

Toxic Traits in Friendships.

Most of the time, friendships are a source of happiness – they are the relationships we do not need to stress about or obsess over. I have always been one to consider friends as my family especially because I don’t have a lot of friends and my family is not really close knit. The right friends can provide a shoulder to cry on when things get tough and laugh with us when life looks good. However, friendships also have red flags and can also be toxic.

This article was inspired by a conversation I had with a close friend recently as well as my sentiments regarding friendships at the moment. Let us start with my sentiments: maintaining adult friendships is hard. Period. It was different when we were in High School or University/College because we saw each other nearly every day and so we did not have to try. Now being in our 20’s where we are all trying to navigate through life, experiencing different things and being in different spaces in our lives has forced us to have to make an effort in our friendships. It is no longer easy to keep a friendship and COVID-19 is not helping either. We are faced with so many different experiences and challenges – some of us are getting married, some are having babies, others are working while others are still struggling to complete their degrees – that sometimes we struggle to find common ground.

This particular friend and I started speaking about some of these issues which led to us speaking about our individual toxic traits that we might bring to the table in our friendship (hers and I’s as well as maybe in general). We came to the conclusion that it is very important to know your toxic traits in friendships so that they stay healthy and blossoming. We always put so much energy and effort into romantic relationships that I think we tend to not realize that friendships need just the same amount of transparency, honesty, love and everything else we put into romantic relationships.

I personally think that we need to start changing our mentality when it comes to friendships, to start treating them the way we treat romantic relationships. For friendships to blossom both parties need to be aware of their good and bad traits and to decide on what to water in the friendship and what to kill in order for it to not just survive but to thrive. Toxic traits exist in friendships too, abuse exists in friendships too and like in romantic relationships; we have a choice as to what to allow and not to allow. For that to happen we need to accept the inescapable truth that no relationship is perfect therefore every friendship is imperfect but we all need friends even if it is just one; so with that said I think we need to start giving people a chance. We have all been screwed over by someone but the essence of life is the love and beauty that comes with two people genuinely getting along and enjoy life side-by-side.

The Art of Faking It Until You Make It.

The expression ‘fake it till you make it’ belongs in the hallowed halls of clichés at this point. It has been thrown around – with the intent to encourage a person – before we (millennial’s) were even thought of. But there is a fine line between that sentiment and a flat-out lie and this blog post will touch-base with the lie and then focus on why I believe ‘faking it till you make it’ does have a seed of truth in it and can make ones thoughts and aspirations a reality.

Let’s get the negative part of this aphorism out of the way: it is not okay to ‘fake it till you make it’ if it means being someone or something you are not. What do I mean by this? If you are in a situation where you are forced to neglect the values you live by just to get to where you want to be, don’t do it. It is not worth. If you have to go against who you are, what you believe in and what you stand for, do not do it. It simply is not worth it and what is meant for you will never pass you by.

So when is it okay to fake it till you make it? The Alchemist author Paulo Coelho says ‘You must be the person you have never had the courage to be. Gradually you will discover that you are that person, but until you can see this clearly, you must pretend and invent.’ In other words, call yourself that which you want to become, while working on it and having a teachable spirit. I will use myself as an example, I have a blog so I write a lot and I have written and published a book. None of these entities have any national recognition let alone local but I identify myself as a writer and an author – I am already calling myself that which I would like to be, ie. celebrate you before anyone else does.

Faking it till you make it is to believe it until you become it, it means to face it until you make it, to keep on keeping on. Your thoughts and aspirations will manifest, the trick is to act the part until you become it even if you do not have it all figured out. I want to place emphasis on the fact that your actions need to correlate with your thoughts and aspirations. We cannot become what we want by remaining who/what we are. Eventually you will stop calling things a coincidence and realize just how powerful you are.

I would like to challenge you this week: to call yourself by which you want to become while simultaneously doing all you can to be that person.

Basking in the glory of serenity.

Serenity is the state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled as defined by the Oxford Dictionary. ‘Unbothered’ is the closest status that our generation bestows as serenity. It is both appropriate yet a bit contradictory for this article as it may carry a negative connotation but when I thought of this week and narrated it to someone – my thoughts, my feelings, the space I was in – I described it as ‘unbothered.’ For today I choose to use the word serene and not ‘unbothered.’

There are days, weeks, or months when we feel we are in a place of serenity and contentment. Although I have been one to preach and encourage being in a state wholeness regardless of what your current situation is, I do not think that it can be a constant feeling. I think our lives are a series of moments of feelings of serenity, however long they last, they appear unannounced, find you unexpectedly, and almost instantly shift your perception of life. This past week I found myself saying or rather having an epiphany of all of this. That ‘this is it; this is what I have been waiting and praying for. In this moment I am where I am supposed to be and I am who I am supposed to be.’

Lastly, Mother Theresa once said “Be happy in the moment, that is enough. Each moment is all we need, not more.” Therefore, I urge you to hold these moments of serenity close, document these moments, where you feel most alive and serene. It is one of the things we live for.

Restorative Rituals.

created using Canva.

Also known as ‘Self-Care Sunday Routine.’
There is nothing I love more than a self-care Sunday. It’s equivalent to pressing the reset button, leaving you feeling content, rejuvenated, and ready to tackle the brand-new week ahead. More than just an industry buzzword, self-care is your opportunity to take care of your mental, emotional, and physical health so you do not have to wait until Sunday to have a ‘self-care’ day. Let’s be honest, even though most of us are stuck indoors – and we thought that our worries and stresses would be less – unfortunately, we still have bad days that leave us feeling frustrated and suffocated. I will be giving you guys a list of restorative activities to do after a long week or day that will leave you feeling refreshed and restored.

  1. Take a good long bath.
    Melt away your worries with a long soak in a hot bubble bath with some salts. Besides this being so pleasurable, it literally cures frustrations and detoxifies your skin. Taking a long hot shower is equivalent to this and can really clear your mind and relax your muscles.
  1. Do a face mask.
    Nothing says cleanse and detox like a good face mask. We all feel good when our face is clean and face masks are the perfect skin care treatment to do so. Another benefit of wearing a face mask is the feeling of being pampered and when infused with essential oils like mint and rosemary, a face mask can really lift your spirit by stimulating your senses. http://discovergoodnutrition.com/2014/09/apply-face-mask/
  1. Light a candle.
    End your day or week with a dose of peace and tranquility by lighting a calming candle which would set the perfect ambiance for your evening. Lighting a candle while bathing is also very restorative and calming.
  1. Make a yummy comfort dish and indulge.
    Sometimes all it takes is a yummy comfort dish to make you feel in-tune with yourself again.
  1. Dress up and take a good picture of yourself.
    This idea usually works when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed and if you enjoy dressing up and taking pictures as much as I do. You end up feeling good and beautiful as if nothing on this planet can stop you.

I hope you feel amazing after reading this. Remember to wash your hands and to stay safe. All images on the list provided by Pinterest, except for the last one. That is a picture of myself.

The Sacred Power of The Quester.

The Free Dictionary defines the word ‘Quester’ as ‘someone who is in search or query for something, in other words, a Quester is someone who is on a quest for something: “they are seekers of truth” [https://www.thefreedictionary.com/quester].

The Quester I am referring to today is the one that compiled the book of Ecclesiastes from the Bible. Ecclesiastes consists of eleven chapters and each chapter has bestowed within me some really profound sentiments that have really renewed and refreshed my perception of life in general.

After reading the whole book and really meditating on it, I realised that my soul really resonates with every message I found within each chapter. The Quester really holds some sacred power which lies in their pursuit of making sense of life and everything inbetween. What I love about this book is the raw honesty it holds about life. In this blog post I will be sharing with you guys the messages I got from Ecclesiastes and what they meant to me.

The More You Know, The More You Hurt.

Ecclesiastes 1 vs 18, the MSG Version. How many times have you been hurt because of the truth and you wanting to know more of it. As much as we love knowing the truth, especially when it has to do with personal matters, let’s be honest, most of the time we hurt after finding that truth. A few examples I will use are: finding out that your partner had been unfaithful, finding out the truth your parents kept from you. The more you found out, the more you got hurt. I do not know whether this means that we should not seek the truth, but I think it gives us more of a heads-up to say that ‘hey just know you’ll get hurt in the process of seeking the truth.’

I Never Said ‘No’ To Myself.

This is a heading in Ecclesiastes chapter 2 just before verse 4. From verse 4 to 8 (MSG Version) the Quester goes on to express that there is nothing he did not do. He never held back and he went for everything he wanted.

Too often we place ourselves on a pedestal and we talk ourselves out of going for whatever our heart desires because we think we are undeserving or that we cannot become all that we aspire to become, this is better known as ‘fear.’ This message is also crystal clear: go for it. You have nothing to lose.

There Is A Time For Everything.

Ecclesiastes 3 vs 1 (NIV Version) states that ‘There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.’ Verse 11 goes on to say that God has made everything beautiful in its time and the Quester suggests that ‘there is nothing better for people than to be happy and to do good while they live.’
Essentially what chapter 3 is saying is that there is a time for everything under the sun, everything has its season. What we need to do is to focus on being happy and on doing good.

Focus On Feeding Your Soul.

Ever heard the saying “stop feeding the flesh or you will go hungry?” Ecclesiastes chapter 6 reiterates this saying and each verse of this chapter places emphasis on this saying. Verse 7 of the MSG Version states that “we work to feed our appetites meanwhile our souls go hungry.

I would like to focus on this verse because it carries so much truth. We work so hard to feed the flesh and to be doing well materiallistically but we do not spend time nourishing and nurturing the soul. At this time I would like to remind you that all the truths I found in this book are sacred because we need to hear them but we are not willing to speak about them.

Do Not Take Anything For Granted.

This was the heading of chapter 7 (MSG Version). How often do we take each other for granted, the blessings we have, the abilities we have. The Sacred Power of the Quester is that he discovered things that we seek for throughout our whole lives and this was one of them.

Verse 14 of this chapter says ‘On a good day, enjoy yourself; on a bad day, examine your conscience. God arranges for both kinds of days so that we won’t take anything for granted.’
Essentially what it is saying is stay in touch with both sides. Your good days and your bad days because they all have a reason why they be. Too often we want to just shut out the bad experiences we’ve had in life and to neatly place them away somewhere far but because the Quester knows better, he suggests to us that we don’t do that, rather be aware of it all.

For verse 21 to 22 I will not be saying anything, instead I will place the verse down below in image form. I believe that as much as most of these verses have been self-explanatory, this one needs no further discussion.

Ecclesiastes 7 vs 21 – 22 (MSG Version)

One Fate For Everybody.

We all come from a woman and we will all end up lifeless. I know it sounds harsh but that is what Ecclesiastes chapter 8 speaks about – that life seems meaningless because we do all these things we do while living, only for us all to die at the end. Verse 14 suggests that no matter how much of a bad person one is, good comes their way and no matter how much of a good person one is, bad things happen to them. And verse 15 says that due to that, we should all go on and have a good time – the best way possible. Verse 16 to 17 later then gives us a reason why we should just all have a jolly good time, because we will never make sense of it (life) anyway.

Seize life & Whatever You Do, Do It Wholeheartedly!

Ecclesiastes chapter 9 vs 7 to 10 (MSG Version). This segment of this chapter really just encourages us to go and live life to the fullest, to not sell ourselves short and to remember that whatever we do, we must do it to the best of our ability.

Fear God & Be A Blessing Unto Others.

Ecclesiastes 11 vs 1 and 2 speaks about us doing good for ourselves but also for other people. It encourages us to give back to society, to other people. The last verse of the last chapter (chapter 12) tells us the most important message: to fear God.

I really hope that you have enjoyed this blog post. It really came at a time when I think we all need a bit of light and we need to be reassured that we will survive no matter what but also to be reminded that even though we had plans, big plans for this year; we are not in control. God is.

Solidifying My Gratitude Through The Gratitude Application.

Plant yourself so deeply in gratitude that even the greatest landslides cannot shake your peace – Unknown.

I read this quote a few weeks ago and didn’t think much of it, reading it this morning it made so much sense to me and I guess correlated with the application I recently downloaded called ‘Gratitude : Personal Growth & Affirmations.’

Let’s be honest it is hard being consistent with your gratitude journey in a time where our lives and futures seem so uncertain but having the Gratitude App has really made practicing affirmations and gratitude journaling so much easier. It is almost an all-in-one kind of app because it has also been effective in me mindfully counting my blessings, self-reflecting, and just generally having me start off my days on a positive note and sleep more peacefully. The app features a journal to write (type) your own affirmations, gratitude notes, or ‘thank you notes to yourself’ and also has daily motivation quotes. Gratitude journaling allows us to shift our focus & attention towards our blessings which we take for granted, and creates a grateful journey.

Covid-19 has really turned our lives upside down but when you consciously plant yourself in gratitude you gradually shift your focus away from everything going wrong and place you in a space of positivity and hopefulness. When you live in a space of gratitude, you show the universe that you appreciate what you have and are ready for more – because this too shall pass and our lives will need to move on so we need to be ready for all that we want and need post this pandemic.

So in all essence, the intent of this article is to encourage you to stay grateful, and if you have been finding it hard to do so, maybe this app will help you like how it has helped me – its available on Android and iOS.


Image from Pinterest.