Wholeness: A feeling and state of being.

Wholeness / noun

  1. the state of forming a complete and harmonious whole; unity.
  2. the state of being sound in mind and body.

This is how the Miriam Webster dictionary defines the term ‘wholeness’ but how would you define ‘wholeness?’ Acclaimed by wellness centres and guru’s alike, some might find that this promise was kept or broken. Or perhaps you might view ‘wholeness’ as a hopeful wish to one day “be made whole.” One thing I am certain of is that we are all yearning for a sense of being whole but we are often looking or going about it the wrong way.

A few weeks ago I found myself having a self-intervention; I was tired of feeling like I am out of tune with myself, that everything I am doing is meaningless, that I am not ‘whole’ because pieces of me are all over the place. During this self-intervention I had to reflect and accept that I am out of balance and that I had to salvage myself and reclaim my balance. Most of my blogs are sparked by conversations that transpired between me and the people in my life or the people I have met along my ongoing-journey, and this one was sparked by a conversation I had with a person I know after they asked me how I managed to regain my balance after feeling so out of balance.

To progress one must reflect.

If there is one thing I have come to believe in is the power of reflecting. There is nothing as powerful as sitting in a quiet space and reflecting on everything I have done for the past weeks or months. The first thing that my self-intervention consisted of was reflecting on what I have been spending my time on, with whom have I been spending my time with and what have I been releasing to the universe through my thoughts and words. Reflecting on the past weeks led to me knowing why I was feeling out of tune with myself and why I felt out of balance. I was not being intentional with my actions neither was I mindful of the words I spoke to myself and to others. Reflecting allowed me to start over on a clean slate – to re-evaluate my life and choose how I want to go forth with my journey of life – and I strongly believe that this can work for you too.

Being mindful of my words and acting out of intent.

Reflecting on my life always leads me to a place of introspection and leads me to making uncomfortable but vital re-adjustments to my life. This is the part where I am really grateful for all the times I made bad life decisions such as spending my last money on food and adult juice (you know the juice with the special secret ingredient that makes us all feel so happy and carefree that kids underage don’t need because being a child comes with no adult issues) – because if it were not for all those bad-life-decisions I would not have been sitting in my room last week with the realisaion that I have not been intentional neither have I been mindful of anything I do or say hence I felt so disintegrated. So I made a conscious decision that I would start being intentional and ever since, my days have been way more productive, my creativity waves have been flowing more and there is meaning in everything I do. AND BOY ITS SUCH A REFRESHING AND POWERFUL FEELING! You can do anything you want to do and actually see your positive thoughts come to life just because of your intentional actions and being more mindful of your words. 

Being grateful of today and hopeful of tomorrow.

Okay I know I’ve probably overused the word ‘powerful’ but I promise you there is nothing as powerful as waking up at 07h00 (or even earlier) and sending your gratitude to Higher Powers for today and being hopeful of tomorrow and ending your day off at 22h00 by doing the same thing. I have been doing this for the past week and I have been feeling so good and I’ve seen that hey, I am actually more blessed than I thought. By doing all of the things I have mentioned, you invite into your life more blessings, more opportunities and you allow yourself to grow into the person you want to be. 

Being disintegrated and feeling like I am all over the place has ushered me into a good space where I feel whole again through reflection, intent, gratitude, and hope. Lastly, remember that being whole is a feeling and state of being therefore you will move in and out of wholeness – which is not a bad thing but like the sun you need to find your way back around. Wholeness is not so much a thing ever fully acquired or achieved – in actual essence it is not something you go searching for at wellness centres neither is it something you spend your money on guru’s for – no it is a gradual process of becoming.

Move towards the light and find your state of wholeness.

cheers to steadily being whole.

3 thoughts on “Wholeness: A feeling and state of being.

  1. You never fail to amaze me. This is beautiful. It’s so funn how the universe conspires to our favor. Today I met one of my Ladies, I adore which is Lynette Ntuli, we were conversing about the power of reflection. I heart you , keep up the good work.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Good day
    You are doing amazing things. Thank you for your courage and your words. I notice that from reading your posts I have been able to better understand things in my life.
    Love you and im excited for the next one.

    Love Slu

    Liked by 1 person

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