A Podcast Experience – what a time to be alive.

To have two black women collaborate in South Africa – what a time to be alive. Yea, yea, I know what you are thinking ‘uhm Nomz this is not the first time there is such a thing.’ And you’re right. Its not the first time but it is not something that we see happening 80% of the time. Women are very disconnected compared to men. Let’s be honest, as women what we are very familiar with is giving each other the ugly stares on the street (FOR NO DAMN REASON) and acting like we are all best friends in the club, usually in the bathrooms. So yes, I am drinking to two black women collaborating.

I had the opportunity of collaborating with Slu Mbeje via a podcast interview. Slu is the host / owner of the podcast and a dear friend of mine from High School – we were separated by distance but we are reunited again. Slu says she is a great fan of my blog and loves the fact that I “live life consciously” – these were her words – and to be honest I was very taken back. It is such an amazing thing to experience when someone tells you that ‘hey, I see you and I am very proud of you’ even more special when it comes from another black sister.

To have two black women in the same space, genuinely speaking about their experiences in life, and sharing that with the rest of the world is even more beautiful. Us black women are already faced with so many challenges and we need to come to terms with the act that only we can break down the chains that the rest of society has built around us. And we can only that together, united. But the truth is, we cannot empower one another if we are still ‘beefing’ with each other for no reason. There is one thing that I have learnt from this podcast experience and that I am appreciating more:

You never know what your gift may open up for you. Being a part of this podcast experience reminded me of why I write, that sharing your life story is a beautiful thing, no matter how ugly it is. You will never know how sharing your story may change or impact another life – your gift is your way of expressing yourself.

This podcast experience is definitely going up as one of my highlights for this year and I really hope that the fire that was sparked never goes out but is forever burning on. I hope that there are more experiences that we will share together as women. I have attached the link to the podcast below. Thank you for reading this and for listening to the podcast. You are the reason.

Sidenote: the podcast will be released as a part series. This is Part1, part 2 will be released next week.

https://anchor.fm/slungile-mbeje/episodes/The-Power-of-Social-Media–w-blogger-Nomz-e4rrvs p>

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