To Being Limitless and Fearless.

Zoe Modiga once said, ‘I am iconic because I am alive.’ What a bold statement I thought.

As I enter year 23, I have been reflecting on year 22 a lot and for some reason – which I have come to see that it is a profound one – I truly resonate and relate with Zoe Modiga’s very bold yet very true statement. What a brave thing it is to be alive. To continuously go through seasons of ruins yet still conquer. To keep on keeping on despite all odds being against you. I am bravery personified. I am courage personified.

As I turn 23 and enter a new year in my life, I have two aspirations:

1. To Live in Perfect Peace.

During the year 22 I found myself in constant turmoil with myself. Most of the time it felt like I had a love-hate relationship with myself. Most days I did not feel 22, I felt like I was a 40-year-old woman going through a midlife crisis. But I suppose that is how growth is supposed to feel –  very uncomfortable, very ungiving, feelings of insecurity of your future, your journey – basically feeling like you are giving more than what you are getting and you’re a complete joke.

But I want this new year to consist of peaceful growth, to have more days where I feel like a 23-year-old. I want my soul to be at peace, my mind to be sound at all times if not most times, and my spirit to be in sync with God.

2. To Be Limitless and Fearless.

During year 22 I was always being boxed and limited. Year 23 should be all about being limitless and fearless. That is how most of our twenties should be, having limitless dreams and working on them fearlessly. I am going for gold and going for everything that life has to offer this year. The whole point of being alive is to evolve into the complete person that you were intended to be. This year, I will not ask for permission. Neither should you. I aspire to get what I need and what I want. And so should you. As a 22-year-old I had been asking for permission to live my life and most of the time I was being told “yes you may, but not like that. Not the way you want to.” So in this moment I make a promise to myself to not wait for someone else to grant me permission to get what I need.

In closing I am reminded of a verse from the bible, Isaiah 43 vs 19:

“See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up, do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wastelands.”

So, cheers to God blowing my mind. Cheers to a new year. Cheers to a rebirth.

Boldly Celebrate Yourself.

It was a Thursday morning and I was reflecting on the things I’ve been through – good and bad, so that includes my achievements and the storms I’ve been through and come out stronger than before. I then had a moment where I was really proud of myself and wanted to celebrate myself and my victories by posting something on social media. But I didn’t because I thought that this move would be perceived as ‘boastful.’

But why is that? Why is it that as human beings – I generalise because I know that I am not the only one – we think twice or even three times about giving ourselves a pat on the shoulder just as a reminder that “hey, even though you are not who you want to be as yet neither are you where you want to be as yet, but you are becoming and have achieved so much. You are here. Right now that is enough and that is worth celebrating.”

As I think of my closest friends, I am struck by a moment of sonder – we are all complex and unique in a way that one can never fully comprehend so why search for validation from another being to celebrate your own victories that only you know about and understand.

There is a saying by Lao Tzu “Care about what others think and you will always be their prisoner.” By thinking that I would be perceived as being boastful by celebrating myself, essentially what I was doing was unintentionally volunteering for a trapped existence of discontent. Why was I not content with just having a one-man celebration of myself? Why can we not be content with just ourselves knowing that we are worth celebrating with or without another person’s validation?

The truth is if we want to blaze our own brilliant trail through this life and be happy, we have to unlearn this thing of thinking that our lives, our victories, our achievements, are only worth celebrating if there is a second or third person to confirm and validate this. If you wake up in the morning and you feel like having a thread on your social media platform of your achievements, go for it, and do not apologize for it. Simply because nobody knows what it took for you to get to where you are. It does not even have to be on social media, speak good words to yourself, be kinder to yourself. Stop being your worst critic.

If it is important to you and is mentally and emotionally good for you, GO FOR IT! Stop apologizing for boldly celebrating yourself. Celebrate yourself and your victories unapologetically. I want to challenge you for this week: as you step into the new week, make it a point to boldly celebrate something about you that you love or a time you thought you weren’t going to make it but you did. Celebrate also the bad habits you have cut ties with such as giving yourself to people that no longer serve you because that is a step towards loving yourself better and that is worth celebrating.

Be a sunflower: keep your head up towards the sun.

Love and Light To You.